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New Meeting Time

By Christian / Posted on 2/8/2014

Hello IFVers!

WE WILL BE MEETING AT 8PM IN GREGORY HALL ROOM 111 FOR THE REST OF THE SEMESTER, UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. We apologize to all of you who have been coming earlier. Our weekly email blasts are usually more accurate when it comes to meeting time and location. If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to email us at

49 Hour Film Competition 2013

By Christian / Posted on 10/31/2013

UPDATE: 11/6/13 We will be screening the video entries from this year's competition on Thursday. There will be no meeting this week, just the screening. We will send out an email with more details about the event.

Hello IFVers, it's that time of year again! We're having our annual 49 hour film competition this weekend where contestants in teams of 5 or less are given 49 hours to make a film, but the film must follow certain guidelines from the prompt we give out. Why 49 hours and not 48? Because this weekend is also Daylight Savings Time (no coincidence). Make sure you sign up. You can find the sign up sheet in the 49 hour tab on the menu above.

All these challenges have led up to this very moment, so get ready for the most intense challenge yet!

Thank You Members!

By Christian / Posted on 09/26/2013

First of all, the executive board of IFV would like to say thank you to all the members who continue to show support by coming out to the meetings and participating in our challenges. We encourage more people to come to our meetings and participate in past and current challenges. No experience is required for submitting a challenge video. If you would like to submit a video for challenge 1 or 2, then please feel free to look at the intro videos for these challenges on our YouTube page.

If you ever miss any meetings, but would like to participate in a challenge, then send us an email at and we will help you out as much as possible.

For anyone who has not received the email, we will be meeting at Gregory Hall Room 111 at the same time and day from here and on. We will also put up the videos from challenge 1 on the YouTube page under one video, but the board's top 3 choices will have their own seperate link and will forever be immortilized in IFV history!

Check out the workshops tab in the menu above for weekly updates on challenges and film resources on campus. Keep on making videos and good luck with the next few challenges!

Info Meetings

By Christian / Posted on 09/4/2013

UPDATE 09/6/2013: We will be meeting Thurdays at 7:00PM from now on. Please check your email for the location of the meeting, it is subject to change.
Also, if you are not familiar with IFV's 2013 Executive Board then allow us to intro ourselves the way we know how.

Welcome everyone to the new school year! It was great seeing how many people come out to Quad Day, especially since it was boiling hot.

The first general meeting of IFV will be held on WEDNESDAY the 4th at 6:00 PM in 104 of the English Building. Please come to meet the new board members, receive info packets and learn about our calendar of events for the upcoming semester! Additionally, for anyone who will be unable to come out Wednesday, we will be holding an alternate info session on THURSDAY the 5th at 7:00PM in the same room.

We hope to see some new and returning faces at this week's meetings.

Meet Cory McAbee

By Christian / Posted on 01/23/2012

Today we will be meeting at 6:30PM in room 219 Gregory Hall NOT the English Building.

Also, Cory McAbee, a musician-turned-filmmaker, is here in Champaign screening his newest film Crazy & Thief at the Art Theater tomorrow at 7:30PM. Cory's films have premierd at the Sundance Film Festival where he wrote, directed, and starred in The American Astronaut and Stingray Sam. Tonight after the IFV meeting from 8-10PM, he is doing a meet and greet at Crane Alley found on 115 W. Main St. in Urbana. Tomorrow, he will also be running a filmmaking workshop in the Media Commons of the UGL from 2-3:30PM.

Cory McAbee is only here for a short while, so we hope you guys take advantage of this opportunity!