49 Hour

location: Urbana-Champaign, IL
Time: Differ (TBA)
Date: 49hr-Nov 1st; 47hr-Mar 8th

Do You like making Video? Have no plans for Daylight Saving? Your in luck, becuase the Illini Film and Video Club will be having our annual 49/47 hour film competition. Two straight days, spanning from Friday through Saturday, of non-stop video making.


location: Virginia Theatre, Champaign, IL
Time: Differ by Schedule
Date: April 15-19

What is Ebertfest you may ask? Ebertfest it the annual film festival hosted in Champaign, Illinois. Every year IFV is hired to record interviews with actors, directors, and writers of critically acclaimed movies. Want to be part of the team? all you have to do is attend the weekly meetings. Socialize with other members, and participate.


location: Announced At Meetings
Time: Announced At Meetings
Date: Announced At Meetings

We have a Social Chair, and they love to party. The Illini Film and Video has social gatherings throughout the year. If you would like to participate all you have to do is come to the weekly meetings. All events will be announced there.