How can I join IFV + I'm not an undergrad at UIUC?
You can come in at any meeting. Most members are UIUC undergrad students but we have no issues about who can join.

Where and When do you meet?
English Building Room 104 at 8:00PM Thursdays.

I have a class during the meeting how can I get involved?
IFV tries to hold the meeting at a time good for most students. If you can't attend a meeting, check the weekly e-mail (and of course this website) about what interests you and try to get in contact with that person/IFV.

<strong>What can I do?
Don't just show up to the meetings, but be an active part of the IFV community. Come to all of our fun workshops and events. We want to see your faces! If there are any events or workshops you would like to see happen let us know. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK. We're here to help you know more about the art of filmmaking and provide you with the resources necessary to create your film. Also, do not let your area of interest isolate you. You can enjoy screenwriting, but you can help out other members (and yourself) by occasionally being a camera person or actor.

What equipment does IFV have to borrow?
Please refer to equipment page.

How do I borrow equipment?
Please do not treat us like an equipment rental service. There are other places on campus that allow you to rent equipment, such as the Art and Design building. The more expensive, high-quality equipment is reserved for trusted and active members of IFV.
Don't ruin the pasta for everyone. Show the officers and members some respect and don't show up to the meetings only because you heard IFV loans equipment. We need to trust you first before we can loan out the equipment to you.

Will you film this for me?
Contact IFV and we will see if this is possible. Most services we will charge a fee if it comes to shooting an event and of course any post production work.

Weekly Email and how to get your news in it
The weekly e-mail contains all the news and projects annouced at the previous club meeting. You can e-mail IFV to get onto the mailing list. E-mail IFV to get your news on the mailing list. This is the best time to provide all the details and contact info in typed form. Your news will only go out in the next e-mail unless you send it again for the following week.

Get off mailing list
There is a link in the IFV e-mail for this. Follow the instructions and you should be able to remove yourself. If you can't take a deep breath......
Do not yell at us that you got an e-mail if your an old member. We don't purge the accounts at the end of the year or anything. Shoot us an E-mail with the e-mail address that is actually getting the email. People have a habit of forwarding their e-mails and then think they are getting the mail sent to this account when it's the other.

Getting film content onto the website
Contact IFV, or come to a meeting with your video and we will put it on our club's external hard drive. All the videos on the hard drive will be put on the YouTube page and will also be screened during meetings. Provide all the information you want accompanied with the film before we put it on YouTube (Cast, crew, plot, backstory, film techniques, etc.)